The Jasper Plate 

About the book:

Vince, Merle, Adele, Tobias et al - they could easily be your neighbours, your friends or your relatives. In the sleepy streets of Stockton, Newcastle, NSW, Merle has been

housekeeping for Adele up until Adele's fall, which has

now put her into a Nursing Home.

Tobias, Adele's son, has some financial troubles and with Adele out of the picture, he has free reign on the family home and its valuable contents.

What turn of events leads Merle's nephew Vince and his accomplice to break into Adele's house? Who really betrays Adele's trust? Her housekeeper?

Her son? A total stranger?

What some readers have to say:

   'With loveable characters & a gripping storyline, this book is very addictive & hard to put down. It is an enjoyable read.' L.V. - Australia

   'It was a nice mystery by a first time author. Its the kind of book you can not put down. I recommend this book.' R.D. - USA

   'A ripping yarn!.' P.O. - Australia

Romance, mystery, family relationships, antiques and adventure and a bemusing look at the eccentric side of old age.

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